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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Noisy Classroom?

There are definitely times during the year (or week!) that a classroom can get noisy.  My classroom was always louder in the spring when my third year children were starting to transition into the second plane of development.  They became little social magnets!  Always stuck to one another in a chatty clump!

I have some fast fixes for a noisy class!
Engagement:  Children are quieter when they are concentrating and engaged.  As the teacher, you are the link to the environment.  Try taking a looking a look into your albums for some fresh extensions that you haven’t tried in a while.  This will give the child an exciting new perspective on a material they may have lost interest in.  This goes two-fold to also deepen their understanding of the concept the material is offering.

Grace and Courtesy:  Are the children disturbing one another?  Is the concentration of a working child protected?  I would try direct modeling during circle time so everyone can see and practice how to observe.

Shouting:  Many homes are filled with noise from telephones, video games, and television.  Many children are simply used to a louder environment and have compensated by speaking louder.  Some have distracted parents and find that they need to shout to get the adults attention.  In this case I would practice “inside and outside voices” with the child.  Take the child outside to practice the “outside” or louder voice, then back inside to practice the quieter voice.  Also, try teaching that the best way to get attention is to silently touch the teacher’s shoulder.

You:  Yes you!  Are you calling children from across the room?  Are you using an “inside voice”?  I was terribly guilty of this in the classroom.  It was something I checked myself on for years.  The teacher is the ultimate model.  If you aren’t using an appropriate volume of voice, why should the children?

I hope a few of these tips will have you on your way to a more peaceful classroom!