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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The "Roost"

Many teachers have the problem of feeling like they can’t take the time they need to offer quality presentations because other students keep interrupting the lesson.  I would like to introduce you to the idea of the “Roost” as our Arizona trainer calls it (I have also heard it called the Help Spot) which may help solve this problem!

The “Roost” is where the teacher sits when he/she is available to help a child with questions or anything else they might need specifically from the teacher that the assistant cannot help them with.  Think of this as a chair or a stool off to the side of the room (a perfect place to observe your kiddos while they are working and for taking anecdotal notes).  When the teacher is not at the designated Roosting spot, the child should wait there for the teacher.  This will keep your lessons protected!   

The catch is that you must be consistent about returning to that spot as soon as you are done with a child.  Otherwise, the children will figure you aren’t coming back and seek you out during your lesson.

Grace and Courtesy lessons about the new spot for the first week will get you going.  The help of your assistant will also reinforce the new routine.  I hope this idea will come in handy for your classroom!

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